Dietary Requirements:
Gluten-friendly Vegetarian Vegan
From our famous Legendary burgers, fresh salads, to pastas and more, you can feel great about your lunch today because it's been sourced with care. White Spot proudly buys more local ingredients than any other full-service chain restaurant in BC.

Sorry, still a secret

It’s no secret people love our secret sauce. Ever since it was added to our very first burgers, we’ve guarded its ingredients - even going so far as to prepare it off site. Some think it’s mayo and relish or Thousand Island dressing. Some think it’s pickle juice. All we know is that it tastes fantastic.


We care about what goes into our food. Which is why we select high quality local-where-possible, good for your ingredients. From 100% fresh Canadian Beef and Ocean Wise seafood to locally baked Artisan style bread and fresh local produce, everything we do is about bringing the best to your plate.

Creating Culinary Excellence

At White Spot, everyone in our kitchens has a role to play in serving up delicious menu items. From the staff who open up early morning to those who close up at night, to our Red Seal Chefs who have spent at least 5,000 hours perfecting their craft, to our dishwashers who keep us spotlessly clean, our culinary team is constantly on the quest to provide great taste, every day. After all, you wouldn’t want your Legendary Burgers with the secret Triple “O” sauce, or any of our many other signature items or new favourites, prepared any other way.