What’s a Spotitarian? Simple. Everyone’s a Spotitarian. In fact, it’s the most inclusive exclusive club in the world. We’re young, old, lifers, first-timers, Legendary lovers, pickle haters, vegetarians, pescatarians, meatatarians and… well, you get the idea.

What kind of Spotitarian are you?

Are you a Spotitarian?

Vegetarian, meatatarian or flexitarian...... into great taste? You're a Spotitarian!

Join our online club and become an e-Spotitarian. Here’s a few of the perks you’ll get:

– 20% off your first online order, 10% off every online order after that
– First to know about new menu items and features
– Access to special offers, contests and giveaways
– Entered into a monthly draw for a $100 White Spot gift card
– Update on community events, spot news, things that are happening
– One-time, upon sign up incentive of $5 off $30 dine-in dinner emailed coupon
– We may let you in on the Triple O’s secret sauce recipe (but maybe not)