Red Seal Chefs

The Few. The Proud.
The Red Seal Chefs.

The strength of a restaurant is measured by the talent in the kitchen. White Spot Restaurants has always been committed to continuous culinary development.

The Red Seal is a prestigious, nationally recognized designation recognizing broad culinary knowledge, skill and years of experience. White Spot became involved with the Red Seal program years ago and has become a leading proponent of Red Seal training. By providing Red Seal training to selected employees, White Spot has both elevated culinary skill and pride within the organization, and enhanced the development and accreditation opportunities it offers employees and prospective employees.

In 2008 White Spot became the first restaurant to offer all components of a full indentured apprenticeship program in-house. Developed with the support of the Industry Training Authority and go2 – the Industry Training Organization for the hospitality industry – the pilot program was the first of its kind to offer standardized, comprehensive training otherwise only available at post-secondary institutions. The program received national recognition for its innovative approach. White Spot is currently the only hospitality company formally accredited as an Industry Training Provider.

“Recruiting talented people with culinary credentials is quite difficult in today’s labour climate,” said Arlene Keis, CEO of go2. “Through the Red Seal certification programs, White Spot chefs are given the opportunity to learn and grow on the job while working towards a nationally-recognized and well-regarded certification. White Spot’s investment in its Red Seal programs speaks volumes about the restaurant’s commitment to its employees and the calibre of food offered to its guests.”

White Spot is involved in all levels of the current Red Seal program: Professional Cook 1, Professional Cook 2, and Professional Cook 3/Red Seal. White Spot’s Corporate Training Chef, James Kennedy, a Certified Chef de Cuisine, heads up the program. Classes are held weekly and spread over several months. This is an innovative departure from the traditional block release technical training, which require the apprentice to be away from the workplace for extended periods of time. The program combines competency based assessment and intensive hands-on instruction. Pre-reading and pre-tests are completed prior to classroom sessions. Third party assessments including third party assessment, help maintain the integrity and high standards of the program.

Culinary employees who have some technical training, including successful graduation from the high school ACE-IT program, or more extensive technical training or certification, can be admitted at advanced levels within the 3 level program.

Classes for all 3 levels-Professional Cook 1, Professional Cook 2, and Professional Cook 3/Red Seal-for select White Spot culinary leaders and future leaders are held at White Spot’s state of the art Culinary Training Centre in Vancouver.