What brand should I choose?
Under the White Spot Hospitality umbrella we have two brands White Spot Restaurants and Triple O’s.  The brand for your investment will be dependent on a number of factors, including experience and skill set, financial wherewithal and personal preference.
What is White Spot?
White Spot is a Full Service Restaurant that has been around since 1928 and offers guests a full scale menu over three dayparts – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
What is Triple O’s?
Triple O’s is a sister company to White Spot Restaurants. It is a quick service concept that offers a limited menu of primarily burgers, fries and shakes. More information for this brand can be found at our Triple O’s website at www.tripleos.com.
How much will my investment be?
The overall investment will vary depending on the location and the brand that you are interested in. A new building will naturally be more expensive than a conversion of an existing restaurant site. For a new White Spot restaurant, the costs can be as high as $2.6 million and for a Triple O’s $800,000. This amount may be reduced depending on the arrangements negotiated with the landlord or a location is a conversion
How much unencumbered cash do I need?
Our requirement is that prospective franchisees have a minimum of 40% of the overall investment available as unencumbered cash.
Will you do a credit & criminal record checks on me?
Yes! A credit and criminal record check is done as part of our recruitment process. We arrange for these checks to be done by a third party.
If I am approved as a franchisee, how long does it take to get the restaurant open?
The success of a White Spot or Triple O’s restaurant is very dependent on the location of the restaurant. We take a very conservative approach to our site selection to ensure our franchisees are successful so it is difficult to put a time frame on this. If a site has already been identified and is ready for construction, then it is possible to have the restaurant open within a year.
What is the profit of a White Spot or Triple O’s restaurant?
It is impossible to give franchisees a definitive response to this question. The success of the restaurant does not just rely on sales, but also on controlling expenses. As mentioned previously, when we select a site we do take a very conservative approach to promote success.
Are there any existing locations for sale?
From time to time, existing locations do come up for sale. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to let us know during the application process.
How many franchised locations are there?
We have more than 130 locations in our system.  There are 66 White Spot locations of which 40 are franchised and 67 Triple O’s of which 61 are franchised.
How much is the franchise fee?
The franchise fee for a White Spot restaurant is $75,000 and for a Triple O’s restaurant is $40,000.
Are there any other fees associated with a White Spot franchise?
Yes, in addition to the initial franchise fees, there are also ongoing fees as outlined below
Royalty Fee
General Marketing Fee
Local Marketing Fee
White Spot
Triple O’s
All fees are a percentage of net sales.
I am only interested in investing. Can I still be considered for a franchise?
The simple answer is YES, but you will require an operating partner who will run the day to day operations of the restaurant. It is recommended that this partner have a financial interest in the business.
I have lots of restaurant experience do I still need to go through training?
Yes. All White Spot and Triple O’s operators (corporate or franchise) are required to learn the White Spot or Triple O’s system. For White Spot our training program can take 3 months to complete and for Triple O’s 3 weeks.  For those that have previous restaurant experience, there may be some areas of the training that can be fast tracked.