Burger Guest Stars

We invite you to enjoy our all-star cast of delicious burgers, where quality always plays a starring role. Like our French Onion Bigger Burger, made with 100% fresh Canadian beef, chardonnay onions & smoked Gruyere – it’s the French Onion Soup of burgers! And with one delicious bite of our Crispy Halibut Burger, you’ll be hooked. On now for a limited time.

White Spot Restaurant

Introducing our delicious all-star cast!

Our burger platters are served with creamy coleslaw & ‘endless’ signature fries. Substitute Caesar or The Spot's salad for fries & coleslaw at no additional charge.

We use only 100% fresh Canadian beef, fresh BC chicken breast, tender Canadian slow-roasted pulled pork, hand-picked, vine-ripened hot house tomatoes and more in our burgers.


Crispy Halibut Burger

Our crispy tempura battered Pacific Halibut with coleslaw, tomato and tartar sauce on our signature bun.

Santorini Veggie Burger

Our chargrilled veggie burger with red pepper, cucumber, red onion, lettuce, feta, mayo & Tzatziki sauce on our multigrain bun.

French Onion Bigger Burger

Our 6 oz. 100% fresh Canadian beef burger with chardonnay onions, smoked Gruyere, tomato, arugula & grainy Dijon mayo.

The Entire White Spot Burger Guest Star Lineup
Thai Pesto Chicken Burger

Fresh chargrilled BC chicken breast, Thai pesto*, red pepper, cucumber, lettuce, cilantro & sambal mayo.

* Thai pesto contains fish sauce.

Carnitas Bigger Burger

This giant favorite returns! Our 6 oz. 100% fresh Canadian beef burger with tender Canadian pulled pork in our signature BBQ sauce, bacon, Jack cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato & cilantro sour cream.

The Spot’s Poutine Bar

Made with our signature fresh fries cut from BC Kennebec potatoes. Enjoy any poutine as a substitute for your fries.

Monty Mushroom Bacon Poutine

Jack cheese, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, gravy & green onions.

Original Poutine

The one that started it all! Quebec-style with cheese curds & gravy.

Santa Fe Poutine

Pulled pork in our signature BBQ sauce, cheese curds, gravy, black bean avocado salsa & cilantro sour cream.

Baked Potato Poutine

Cheese curds & gravy loaded with classic baked potato toppings – bacon, sour cream & green onion.

White Spot's delicious Poutine Bar

Also Starring...

Granville Island Brewing Lions Winter Ale

This West Coast inspired seasonal favourite combines premium malt & specialty hops for a robust ale with a vanilla-like finish. A dark & delicious classic, it's the perfect complement to our Burger Guest Stars.

Beverages containing alcohol are available in restaurant only. Not available for dining out.

Granville Island Brewing Lions Winter Ale

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Now Hiring!

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