Weekend Brunch

At White Spot Restaurants, we aim to have something on the menu for everyone. This includes a brunch selection fit for families, business meetings & those catching up with friends.

And your craving for a great tasting breakfast doesn't have to end when the sun comes up! Join us for brunch on weekends and holidays.

Weekend Brunch
From local ingredients like farm fresh eggs to our signature crumbled smashbrowns, to the smell of fresh coffee – that’s brunch at White Spot.

Brunch available until 11am to 3pm on weekends . Menu may vary by location.

Stacked Blueberry Waffle

Layers of buttermilk waffle, crispy bacon, blueberry sauce,gingered pecans & syrup. Two sunny side up eggs. 

Buttermilk Chicken & Waffle

Our buttermilk waffle filled with back bacon & Cheddar cheese. Topped with our southern style crispy chicken, a sunny side up egg, hollandaise & spicy honey. Crispy bacon. 

Nat’s Rancheros

Two sunny side up eggs over our cheese & chorizo quesadillas. Fire roasted tomato sauce, feta & pickled onions. Cilantro sour cream. Endless smashbrown potatoes. 

Classic Benedict

English muffin topped with thick-cut back bacon, two poached eggs & hollandaise. Endless smashbrown potatoes.

Nat’s Hearty Breakfast

Two eggs any style, your choice of bacon, back bacon, sausage or chorizo & your choice of toast or a half waffle. Endless smashbrown potatoes. 

Brunch Burger 

Our 1/4 lb. beef burger made with 100% fresh Canadian beef topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato & Sriracha ketchup. Finished with a sunny side up egg, crispy onion ring & the winning secret sauce! Endless smashbrown potatoes.


Southwest Chorizo Hash

Chorizo, feta, red pepper & caramelized onions in a fire-roasted tomato sauce over smashbrown potatoes. Served with two sunny side up eggs, cilantro sour cream & toast.

Cheesesteak Hash

Sautéed spinach, red pepper, mushrooms & tender Certified Angus Beef®, over cheesy smashbrown potatoes. Topped with two poached eggs & hollandaise. Toast.