Dietary Requirements:
Gluten-friendly Vegetarian Vegan
We take pride in offering a kid-friendly dining atmosphere, and a menu that your kids are sure to enjoy. From locally sourced veggies to fresh chicken from BC farmers, you can feel good your kids are eating quality ingredients.

For Little Swashbucklers

We don’t know why, but food just tastes better when it’s served in a pirate ship. Or maybe it’s the fresh, local ingredients. Or the gold coin. Whatever it is, breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s something your little mates will love.

About Us

Meet the Cluckaneers

Every White Spot meal comes with an adventure for your kids. Join the dashing Captain Beak Rogers and his grilled cheese gobbling crew of Cluckaneers as they set sail on the WS Legendary for some misadventures.

Giving back

We proudly carry on Nat Bailey’s tradition of giving back to the community through our support on numerous children’s charities such as Zajac Ranch for Children, the White Spot Pipe Band, Variety and more.