Why does White Spot now charge for paper bags and disposable cups?

As of Jan. 1, 2022, all businesses in Vancouver and Surrey are required to charge packing fees per their Bylaw minimums. Vancouver and Surrey both include paper bags. This directive is a government bylaw outside of our control and will apply to our takeout, delivery and dine-in orders (when a guest requests to take their meal to go).

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What White Spot packaging items will have an incremental charge?

The bag fee applies to menu items packaged for takeout, delivery or dine-in if a guest requests an item to go. The paper bag fee applies to all Surrey & Vancouver locations.

How much do you charge for your paper bags and single-use cups?

We are charging the minimum amount required which is $0.25 for a paper bag in Vancouver & Surrey.

Where is the fee going?

The packaging fee is collected and retained by White Spot and will be used to offset the costs of the packaging itself and recycling initiatives.

How come you are only charging for paper bags and single-use cups, what about other packaging?

Currently the mandate only applies to bags.

What if I want to bring my own bag or cup?

For sanitary and health and safety reasons we have made the decision to not accept guests bags or repackage our menu items.

What if I do not wish to pay for a bag or cup?

Unfortunately, all travel orders are subject to the mentioned packaging fees. If you do not wish to pay for packaging, you are welcome to enjoy your meal in our dining room.