Meet the face behind your local White Spot - Danny Markowicz. part 2

There are many restaurants to choose from in the Lower Mainland, but there is a reason White Spot remains one of B.C.’s favourites. Its success lies in the fact that the chain of casual dining restaurants has never forgotten its roots or what its loyal customers have come to expect decade after decade — consistently fresh and delicious food and chefs who ensure that they create innovative cuisine that continues to surprise and delight.

Development Chef
Danny Markowicz

This is the second installment of a Q & A with White Spot’s Executive Development Chef, Danny Markowicz. He gives you an insight into himself and why White Spot has a reputation for creating memorable meals.

Spaghetti with house-made meatballs
developed by Executive Development
Chef Danny Markowicz, and Executive
Chef Chuck Currie

1. Why did you choose White Spot?
The opportunity arose, but much more importantly, the “fit” felt absolutely right for me.

2. What are the challenges of bringing food from the kitchen to the mass market?
The challenges are many… There is no crystal ball, so knowing that the menu items we taste, test and evaluate are the right ones to bring to market is the first hurdle. We conduct market research to try and understand what our guest needs are, or might be, and from the research we try and make the right decisions to move forward. Other challenges are those of supply, operational feasibility, training, and timing. We can create the best slow roasted porchetta entrée in the test kitchen, but if we can’t source the right ingredients for 65 restaurants, or get the prep right in the stores, or execute the dish in a live restaurant test, then it’s all for nothing. Trying to understand our guests' needs and our kitchens' capabilities, that’s where it really begins…

3. What is the best part of your job?
After all the research, the testing, and the training. The best part is seeing the promotion come to life.

4. When entertaining at home, do your guests expect you to cook?
Of course they expect it, but sometimes all you need is a good bottle of wine, some crusty bread and a few pieces of great cheese. With great company, the rest takes care of itself…

5. What are you most proud of at White Spot?
I’m most proud of the quarterly promotions I’ve had the opportunity to create, and the top quality of work from our team.

6. What are some of your culinary achievements that you are most proud of?
I’ve had the privilege of working in some great kitchen brigades, and to have worked with some amazing cooks and chefs. To be in the role I’m in today, for me is a career achievement I’m very proud of; but also to see my peers from the past achieving, pushing the boundaries or coming into their own, makes me very proud too.