Georgia Straight names White Spot 'best kid friendly restaurant' in the Golden Plates

The Georgia Straight has released the winners of their 19th Annual Golden Plate Awards, the people’s choices for every kind of restaurant, deli, bakery, shop, and bar in Vancouver. Their Golden Plates publication is a great go to guide for finding the best spots to eat, drink and shop – and we’re proud to be on the list! A few times..

White Spot has been awarded top 3 spots in the following categories:

Best kid-friendly restaurant

  1. 1. White Spot, Various locations

  2. 2. Old Spaghetti Factory, Various locations

  3. 3. Tacofino, 2327 E. Hastings

Best restaurant considered a Vancouver legend

  1. 1. Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House, 777 Thurlow

  2. 2. Bishop's, 2183 W. 4th

  3. 3. White Spot, Various locations

Best chain restaurant

  1. 1. Cactus Club Cafe, Various locations

  2. 2. Earls Restaurant, Various locations

  3. 3. White Spot, Various locations

We would like to congratulate all the 2016 Golden Plate Winners!! If you would like to check out the full list of winners and read more click here - 

White Spot Limited is proud to be recognized in the Georgia Straight's 19th Annual Golden Plates 2016.